Some updates to the bot game I’m working on:

  • I’ve created a background creator so you can just plop in a texture set  of the walls and borders and it will auto fill each room.
  • I’ve also made a grid-based rail editor so you can customize all the rail sets within the editor’s main viewing area.
  • I’ve cleaned up some of the controls so it’s easy to switch between stuff. 

Web Design:

"Solving the Great Incognitum," an Interactive Learning Environment (serious game). This is for my research assistantship at Drexel University - I’ve been helping design a serious game that lets players explore a museum called the "Long Room" which used to exist in Philadelphia in the early 1800s. The goal of the game is follow certain paths of reading and answer questions properly to unlock pieces of the "Great Incognitum," a fossilized Mastodon. 

Fiddling with a way to draw the rails with lines, aaaand with going to other rooms.

A more fleshed out version of the puzzle with some debugging to boot.

Working on a grabbing crane in a new game. The red circle represents when it’s able to actually grab something as it’s lowering/raising.